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Club "El Divino"

More Pictures could be found at ...PICTURES!

And more pictures of El Divino could be found here!  

The El Divino is called the Discotheque of the rich people! I believe it, because Niki Lauda could be seen here and you have the possibility to "park" your Yacht directly in front of the Club! But "normal" people are also welcome, of course!

The Club could be found directly at the harbor Botafoch, in opposite of the "mile".

You have 3 possibilities to go there:

1. walk (10 min. from the "mile")

2. You park your Yacht in front of the club (the best choice, but....)

3. You use the transfer Boat, which is traveling to EL Divino and back every 20 min., starting from the El Divino bar at the mile.

I like point 3, because it is very cheap (about 2 Euro, you get the money back if you want)) and you could see the harbor from another view!

The El Divino has been very well known because of it's amazing Restaurant! Real good food and an amazing view to the "Alt Villa" and to the harbor! Real great!!!!

The Club is real great and has some VIP-Lounges. the sound is good and the El Divino is one of the very less Clubs I know, where you have no problems, when you have to use a wheelchair!!!!!

You could reach every part of the discotheque if you have to use a wheelchair. A real good example, how to build a club!

Last, but not least: best thanks to Alberto, the Club manager, who made the pictures possible! I hope all could see the El Divino-Feeling!

More Pictures could be found at ...PICTURES!

And more pictures of El Divino could be found here

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