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Club "Amnesia"

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Situated on the road to San Antonio, coming from Ibiza, on the left side .  

You could reach the amnesia by car, disco-bus or by taxi. Walking is impossible and very dangerous.

The Cocoon-Party (or Cocoon Club) is a real "MUST HAVE SEEN" on Mondays for everybody, who likes big and fantastic Party's!

The Cocoon-Party, produced by Sven Vaeth, a famous DJ from Germany, is a real great and amazing party with good music and spectacularly live-events!

Example: 2 Robots, about 2,5 meters tall, are dancing at the dance floor between the people and dance, dance, dance..... look at the pictures!!!!

By the way: I have to say "Thank You" to Michael Hofmann from the  Cocoon-Team for the photography permission in 2000! We have had two "hot" nights!!!!!; Since 2001: best regards and "Thank You" to Sandra and Johannes from Cocoon Team for the permissions in the past (and hopefully in the future) years!!

Here is the Line Up for the Cocoon Parties in 2010
(with the kind authorization of cocoon, changes are still possible)



The party of our life, the summer of our life (again) and all our favourite animals!

Heat, sun, burning air, wet skin, driving beats, hysteria meets glamour, never-ending nights, never-ending sounds and frequencies that touch us and drive us crazy and never let you go. You feel the longing, like a wild animal in the dark night – out, out, you must get out, odours, skin, sweat, we are the heart of the night, the world turns around you, around us, and we turn around you all! We are the party, everybody is a part of one another. Like a pride of wild lions, always moving, always watching and always searching! I take you for a ride, follow me, let the party begin! But take care, it'll be louder, wilder and hotter than ever before! Avoid the blazing sun and keep an eye on the oasis!

The madness continues, Cocoon Ibiza is wilder and more extreme than ever before! Sven Väth and the Cocoon Ibiza residents Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and Marco Carola are exclusively at Cocoon's! With his Minus crew, Richie Hawtin is again part of the Cocoon almanac, and Desolat as well as Cécille are two of the hottest labels you can book for a night at the moment. Besides many familiar Cocoon residents of the last years, we are happy to welcome Carl Craig, Seth Troxler, Sascha Dive, Pantha Du Prince, Tini and Ilario Alicante at Amnesia for the first time. Live acts are provided by the two high-flyers Guti and Egbert as well as from Kollektiv Turmstraße from Connaisseur Recordings. And beyond the music the decor and visuals for the club will be handled Reach Visuals who will be creating something mindblowing for this summer season.

The eleventh season is something very special for us, after having completed the first decade of Cocoon in Ibiza. We are not looking back at the beginnings melancholically, but forward into the future.

Step by step we have created something magical from which to continue to grow and develop. Stagnancy would mean regression here. At the Cocoon parties, many young and innovative artists have the chance to meet the established names that belong to the best we have to offer in electronic music. Cocoon Ibiza doesn't see itself solely as a party institution, we are also aware of the cultural mission we are committed to. We want to give something back to the island that we thought was unthinkable only a few years ago. And especially the big number of local guests shows us that we have chosen the right path and only have to proceed consequently.

In this spirit: out of the cage, wilder, freer and more extreme than ever before! Party Animals, the name says it all: Grrrrrr!


14. Jun         Sven Väth         Mathias Kaden

         Ricardo Villalobos         Cassy


21. Jun         Richie Hawtin         Magda

         Ricardo Villalobos         Marco Carola         Ilario Alicante live


28. Jun         Sven Väth         Chris Tietjen

         Loco Dice         Livio & Roby         Martin Buttrich live (Desolat Night)


05. Jul         Sven Väth         Carl Craig

         Cassy          Nick Curly         Markus Fix (Cécille Night)


12. Jul         Sven Väth         Dubfire

         Ricardo Villalobos         Zip                 C-Rock


19. Jul         Sven Väth

         Loco Dice         Seth Troxler         Guti live


26. Jul         Marco Carola         Adam Beyer

         Richie Hawtin         Josh Wink


02. Aug         Sven Väth         André Galluzzi

         Ricardo Villalobos         Dorian Paic         Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts live


09. Aug         Sven Väth         Frank Lorber

         Loco Dice         Marco Carola         Tini


16. Aug         Richie Hawtin         Dubfire

         Sven Väth         Pantha Du Prince live


23. Aug         Sven Väth         Karotte

         Onur Özer         Tobi Neumann         Mar-T


30. Aug         Sven Väth         Egbert live

         Ricardo Villalobos         Raresh


06. Sep         Sven Väth         Tiefschwarz

         Loco Dice         Dorian Paic         Damian Schwartz live


13. Sep         Sven Väth         Dinky

         Ricardo Villalobos         Sascha Dive         Kollektiv Turmstraße live


20. Sep         Richie Hawtin         Hobo live (Minus Night)

         Marco Carola         Barem (Minus Night)


27. Sep         Sven Väth         Loco Dice

         Ricardo Villalobos         Zip                 Raresh


2007: Manumission has moved to Amnesia!

Press Information from Manumission:

After 14 years of Manumission in Privilege  (or initially KU), in Ibiza, we have moved to Amnesia. Whilst this is not something we would have chosen to do mid season, we are delighted with the change, and feel that it is in the best interests of our customers, our staff and our party. It is widely known that we have had a turbulent history with Privilege and last Friday they took the decision to keep the venue closed. This resulted in many thousands of people who had bought tickets being turned away for no reason. Under those circumstances we acted as responsibly as we could, and by now everyone should have received a full refund from the place of purchase.

 Manumission has built its name on creativity and innovation, and now all this energy will be invested in the REOPENING of MANUMISSION this Friday 10th August at Amnesia, which is sure to go down as one of the events of the decade. We are most grateful to our friends at Amnesia, and Made In Italy for their invitation to join them on Fridays. We now have a venue that is working along side us and we look forward to the future.

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More Pictures could be found at ...PICTURES!

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